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Henry Compeau III

Henry has been a real estate agent for the last 20 years. He assembled the team when He realized people needed a one-stop-shop for real estate needs. He wants his customers to get the best service and be 100% comfortable throughout the entire process.  To do that, he brought the best in the business under one roof!



Henry has a passion for finding great Investments for Year round Rentals, Winter Rentals and  flipping houses. He has a knack for finding properties whose value has the potential to increase exponentially! It also means he has a great eye and lots of connections to contractors, landscapers and anyone else you might need to buy cheaper and sell for a profit! He has killer instincts when it comes to selling, and as your agent, you'll have those too. 



Henry has his finger on the pulse of everything financial. He will be with you every step of the way, from pre-qualifying to getting the best mortgage and loan rates, or making the most out of your asking price. He is laser focused on getting you the most out of your investment and thrives on taking nothing less than your full asking price, every time! 

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